Kids Riding Boots

Safety First When Choosing Kids Riding Boots

If you are shopping for kids riding boots, then you will be faced with a lot of options to choose from. Kids who love the outdoors and also those who enjoy riding horses should wear riding boots, which parents must invest in. Manufacturers create various styles and designs of kids riding boots, so before you go and purchase a pair for your little one, make sure that you put safety on the top of your priority list.


When choosing the best riding boots for your kids, make sure that you choose those with soles that have a non-slip surface. This way, your child will be safest when climbing on and off the horse. There are also boots that feature an ankle support, protecting the child in case they stumble, trip or fall from a horse.

Rubber Boots

A very popular choice is the rubber riding shoes for kids, which also have non-slip soles. This is a safe boot because it is suitable for use regardless of the weather outdoors. Rubber boots are usually knee length, keeping the lower part of your child’s leg protected as they ride. This would be lined with a combination of knit and canvas, but the child must still wear thicker socks when using the rubber boots during the winter months.

Paddock Style Boots

This type of kids riding boots is very popular nowadays, as it resembles the style and look of a regular work boot. Manufacturers often use synthetic materials to create paddock style boots for kids, making the boot entirely waterproof. This is perfect if you live in a region where it is often rainy or muddy. You will find that this style of boots will come with laces or zipper type closure, and come in colors black or brown.

Cowboy Boots

Authentic cowboy boots are usually made up of genuine leather but with rubber bottom soles to increase friction and prevent the child from slipping anytime. Similar to many other types of kids riding boots, it also offers some form of ankle support, which also protects the shins. When choosing to buy cowboy boots for the kids, make sure that it features cushioned insoles in order for your child to feel utmost comfort as they wear the boots for hours.

Whatever style you choose for your kids, make sure that you only buy kids riding boots that promote safety. It should be able to provide utmost comfort and protection to your kids as they ride outdoors.